125 1st era – Markus the Brave brought together the seven tribes of Narthal creating the empire of Panmoor

167 1st era – Markus the Brave dies, leaving his heir Titenus I to lead the Panmoorians.

175 1st era – The war of five begins. This includes Panmoor, Karchen, Linten, Barvec, and Nuten.

184 1st era – Titenus I dies, reign goes to Titenus II

197 1st era – The country of Nuten is decimated by the alliance of Karchen and Linten scattering the remaining people to the far reaches of the world.

210 1st era – Titenus II is assassinated by an agent of Barvec and reign goes to their ambassador Retulus

221 1st era – Retulus dies of a mysterious illness and Mariten, a secret son of Titenus II takes the throne with the support of the Karchen and Linten alliance.

230 1st era – The alliance of Karchen, Linten and Panmoor lay seige to the capital of Barvec unofficially ending the War of Five. end of the first era

1 2nd era – Dividing the lands of Barvec and Nuten, the alliance lives peacefully. Panmoor to the west with their islands and coastal lands, Karchen with their mountains and forests, and Linten with their deserts and plains.

57 2nd era – Game start. Current Ruler of Panmoor: Maren, son of Mariten; Current Ruler of Karchen: Kinderen, son of Rekten; Current Ruler of Linten: Sara, daughter of Lenda



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