House Rules

Everyone Gets Max Hit Points. Everyone:  Do not roll for hit points at each level, assume that you have rolled the maximum possible, apply modifiers, and add that to your total

Deathblow Narration:  If you land the deathblow on an enemy, then you get to narrate how you killed them.

No Coin Weight

You get 1 re-roll a night for any type of roll, but that roll must have been made within 1 round and before anyone else’s turn. But you have to take the second roll.

Limited evil characters so just talk to me about it first

If you have a problem with something or someone, please just send me a quick message about it. If it is with one of your fellow players, we will try to get it resolved between all parties. If it is with me, I want to get it fixed. So communication, communication, communication!

The feat Leadership makes things a little bit too complicated so I tend to ban it. If you just have to have it, we can discuss it.

More rules may follow as things go along. 

House Rules

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