The Cult of Elta

Darkness, our blessed creator,

It is you that has brought to us our Heavenly sister Elta, who in her lonliness begged you to create us, her eternal brother and sisters. In your honor, we are humble and kind. We bless our brothers and sisters who are trapped in the lies of the enemy and walk each step so that they may see the error of their ways and return to you are eternal mother and father. We thank you and give ourselves to Elta's teachings so that we may be the children that you crave.

Elta's Tenants

  1. Love as the Darkness loves
  2. The Darkness is not something to fear on this earthly plane, it is our way back to our Mother and Father.
  3. Keep the holy day with pride and wisdom
  4. Protect you, yours, and theirs so that all may be protected
  5. Understanding the Darkness, take time and study, so study diligently 

The Cult of Elta

The Mysterious Benefactor MinaMay MinaMay